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2020 and the Great Divide

A 12-Month Series Examining Inequality and Its Impact on One of the Most Consequential Elections in American History


Why is Robert Reich so stressed out?

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Trump’s Woman Problem

Trump’s policies have harmed women, say critics. But his handling of COVID may be what sends them running.

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When a Higher Wage
Is Not Enough

Calvin Wongus has had no trouble finding employment in the tight labor market. But for the poorest workers like himself, the jobs have been low-paying and part-time.

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inequality quiz

The Price Ain’t Right:
An Economic Inequality Quiz

Surveys reveal that Americans have a very distorted sense of how unequal the country is. Try your luck at these questions about how our economy distributes wealth and income. No matter your score, you’ll be able to sign up for our newsletter so you can keep tabs on the United States of Inequality.

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The United States of Inequality: A Timeline

Post-WWII reforms like the New Deal and the ensuing consolidation of the labor movement increased income equality in the U.S., but the playing field started to tilt in the 1970s due to the forces of globalization and pro-corporate government policies that hurt the working class.

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Our United States of Inequality

Capital & Main has embarked on a yearlong project exploring what has become another “inconvenient truth” — the pain that economic inequality has brought to America.

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Capital & Main’s special series, The United States of Inequality, will feature articles, interviews, videos and infographics weekly till the 2020 elections. Sign up to be the first to get the content as it is being published.

10 Shocking Facts About Inequality in America


An estimated 41.4 percent of the total U.S. population — 135 million people — are either poor or low-income.


One in four African-American families have a net worth of zero or less.


The median white family has 41 times more wealth than the median black family and 22

times more wealth than the median Latino family.


CEO compensation has grown 940 percent since 1978, while typical worker compensation has risen only 12 percent during that time.


More than 30 percent of black children and over 26 percent of Hispanic kids live in poverty.


The top 0.1 percent’s earnings grew 15 times faster than the bottom 90 percent’s earnings between 1979 and 2017.


Three men own as much as the bottom half of Americans.


The richest five percent of Americans own 66 percent of the nation’s wealth.


The richest one percent own more than half of stocks.


U.S. men have three times more than women in retirement savings.

About the Series

Today – exactly one year before the 2020 presidential election – Capital & Main is launching a 12-month series on economic inequality in America. “United States of Inequality: 2020 and the Great Divide” will examine how tens of millions of Americans increasingly struggle to make ends meet, and how this reality will affect one of the most consequential elections in America’s history. 

Conceived by Capital & Main and produced in partnership with the Guardian USFast Company and The American Prospect“United States of Inequality” will feature at least one story or multimedia feature every week for 52 weeks through the November 2020 election. 

Here’s what former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who narrated this video on the series, has said about the project: “It’s so important for fact-based news outlets to shine a light on the defining issue of our time. ‘United States of Inequality’ is a timely reporting project.” 

The series content will fall into the following five thematic areas:

We hope you will follow “United States of Inequality” in the weeks and months to come as the nation grapples with an issue that will shape the 2020 election in profound ways — and that ranks as the other inconvenient truth of our era.

About Capital & Main

Capital & Main is an award-winning nonprofit publication that reports from California on the most pressing economic, environmental and social issues of our time.  Winner of the 2016 Online Journalist of the Year prize from the Southern California Journalism Awards and a 2017 Best in the West award, Capital & Main has had stories co-published in more than 30 media outlets, from The Atlantic, Time, Reuters, The Guardian and Fast Company to The American Prospect, Grist, Slate and the Daily Beast. Working with top writers, editors and visual artists, we cover income inequality, climate change, the green economy, housing, health care, public education, immigration, race, and criminal justice. Capital & Main is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.