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U.S. Health Care’s
Disturbing Numbers

For the full story read Mark Kreidler’s “Industry Seeks to Flatline Universal Health Care.”


Number of adult Americans who either lack health  insurance or are underinsured: 87 million.

Percentage of the national gross domestic product spent on health care: Nearly 18 percent.

Amount of the $3.5 trillion spent annually on health care that goes to private insurance company employees: $1.2 trillion.

Median annual compensation for a health care CEO in America: $16.1 million.

How much in out-of-pocket expenses an average family of four, with employer-sponsored health insurance, incurred in 2018:  More than $12,000.

Percent of the 3,300 lobbyists working in the health care industry who worked for pharmaceutical, hospital or insurance interests: More than 75 percent.

How much the lobbying association PhRMA took in 2017: $456 million.

How much of that money PhRMA spent on lobbying and advertising: Nearly $200 million.

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