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A Law Ending Cash Bail Gives Judges Enormous Power Over Defendants

Politics & GovernmentBy Marco Amador

A recently signed bill was supposed to end the tyranny of money bail over low-income people in California’s jails. But critics say it is an example of good intentions becoming bad law.

Rick Scott Invested in the Same Financial Firms As Florida’s Pension System

Politics & GovernmentBy Andrew Perez and David Sirota

Co-published by MapLight
For most of his time in office, Florida’s governor has shielded his investments from public view. A new disclosure shows Rick Scott and his wife have invested at least $18 million in financial firms managing money for the state’s pension system that he oversees.

Report: Do College Admissions Offices Ignore Black Activist Applicants?

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden

Wanted: Black College Students (just not at our college). Diane Ravitch’s Power Elitists. An inconvenient truth for LAUSD.

How Immigration Activists Got ICE Out of a County Jail

ImmigrationBy David Bacon

ICE contended that forcing Contra Costa County to divest from cooperation in immigrant detention would harm the detainees — an argument similar to those heard during the fight for divestment from apartheid in South Africa.

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