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Cash of the Titans: Prop. 15’s Big-Spending Opposition

The Great California Tax WarBy Bobbi Murray

Donors to a campaign claiming to represent small shopkeepers and homeowners include North America’s largest freight railroad network, two New York real estate giants and one of Earth’s richest men.

Fracking’s Fall in the San Juan Basin

The SlickBy Laura Paskus

Northwestern New Mexico’s fossil-fueled economy is cratering. Will departing drillers clean up after themselves?

Will Loopholes Gut New Mexico’s New Rules on Oil and Gas Well Pollution?

The SlickBy Elizabeth Miller

Environmentalists estimate 95 percent of the state’s wells will be exempt from new emission regulations.

Introducing “The Slick,” a New State-Based Reporting Project on Oil, Climate and Politics

The SlickBy Danny Feingold and Judith Lewis Mernit

Considering climate change’s existential threat, the dearth of regional reporting on the corporate forces driving global warming is striking.

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