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    The Golden State of Hate: California Hate Crime Watch

    The white supremacist march in Charlottesville, and its explosive aftermath, have focused the nation's attention on the far right and its ideology of intolerance. Across the country, hate crimes are on the rise -- and California is no exception.

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Featured Series: Trump’s California Henchmen


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  • The Bottom Line Bonus Episode Release!

    The Bottom Line Bonus Episode Release!

    Featured interviews with Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti and Rob Siegel, who wrote the biopic “The Founder” about McDonald’s mogul Ray Kroc. Also, Lily Bowles, sustainability officer at Aspiration, takes a look at which fast-food companies are leaders, and which are laggards, when it comes to taking care of their people and the environment.



  • The Science of Desert Water

    The Science of Desert Water

    A California company wants to pump water from an ancient aquifer in the Mojave desert. Experts warn that draining the aquifer would irreversibly harm the desert’s fragile ecosystem, and at least one politician is listening.


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