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The Author of California’s Failed Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill Describes What Went Wrong

The SlickBy Aaron Cantu

Sen. Lena Gonzalez says the state Legislature can sometimes stymie the democratic process.

Measuring COVID’s Effect on a Generation of Young Californians

State of InequalityBy Mark Kreidler

The uneven impact of the pandemic has fallen heaviest on the most vulnerable students in the state.

Clock Is Ticking on California’s Landmark Plastics Reduction Legislation

EnvironmentBy Andy Furillo

If the Legislature does not approve the bill by Thursday, a similar initiative will proceed to the November ballot.

Scamsters Posing as ICE Officials Are Defrauding U.S. Families of Asylum Seekers

Latest NewsBy Gabriel Thompson

With knowledge of personal details, ICE imposters have coaxed thousands of dollars from fearful relatives of detainees.

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