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Killed Bill: What’s Next for California’s Housing Crisis?

Politics & GovernmentBy Larry Buhl

With the death of Senate Bill 50, there are no active bills in Sacramento that tackle housing affordability.

Jackie Goldberg Explains the Coming War to Save Public Education

EducationBy Alex Demyanenko

After winning a Los Angeles school board seat, Goldberg speaks about charter schools, money and what it means to fight the good fight.

Report: Many Schools Lack Funds to Protect LGBTQ Students

Learning CurvesBy Capital & Main

The most discouraging finding of a report on LGBTQ students may be that only 130 of California’s 343 unified school districts responded to the survey.

“We’re Facing Extinction” – Why UC Workers Are Striking

Labor & EconomyBy Joe Rihn

Critics of outsourcing say the rush to replace the wages and benefits of public employees with lower-paying, private-sector jobs has taken its toll on America’s middle class.

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