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New Data Shows Massive Climate-Warming Leaks by New Mexico Oil and Gas Operators

The SlickBy Jerry Redfern

While most producers dramatically increased their reporting, the state’s largest natural gas producer’s numbers haven’t budged.

MLK’s Last Campaign Was for Workers Rights

Latest NewsBy Peter Dreier

King went to Memphis, where he was killed, to support African American garbage workers, who were on strike to protest unsafe conditions, abusive white supervisors and low wages.

By Hook or Crook, Sidney Poitier Was Set From the Start on Stardom

Latest NewsBy Gary Phillips

Before he was a leading man, the legendary actor proved himself in tough, no frills genre films that brought a new kick to Hollywood.

California Health Workers Sound Alarm Over ‘Ridiculous’ New COVID Guidance

Latest NewsBy Mark Kreidler

New state protocols allow health care workers who test positive but are asymptomatic to immediately return to work.

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