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Judging Janus

November 14, 2017Dean Kuipers

Judging Janus: Will California’s Unions Survive?

Co-published by International Business Times

Right-to-work forces see in Janus v. AFSCME a golden opportunity to cripple public-sector unions, while organized labor looks for a silver lining in the event the Supreme Court rules in Mark Janus’ favor.


PodcastNovember 16, 2017Rick Wartzman

LinkedIn Wants to Find You a Job — All 3.5 Billion of You

On this episode of The Bottom Line, Allen Blue lays out how he and his team are trying to build the mother of all job-matching platforms.

Labor & EconomyNovember 16, 2017Jessica Goodheart

Robert Reich on Trump’s ‘Dangerous Tax Bill’

“All of this rhetoric about a middle-class tax cut,” Robert Reich tells Capital & Main, “is just an absurd lie when you look at the numbers.”

Judging JanusNovember 15, 2017Bobbi Murray

Judging Janus: Wisconsin’s Shadow

Wisconsin provided early examples of scorched-earth labor policies. California unions took note.

Judging JanusNovember 15, 2017Robin Urevich

Judging Janus: The Money Machine Behind the Attacks on Labor

Co-published by International Business Times
Millions of public-sector workers could soon be targeted by conservative groups trying to dissuade them from paying union fees.

Judging JanusNovember 14, 2017Capital & Main Staff

Can Unions — and the American Middle Class — Survive the Supreme Court’s Janus Decision?

If the Supreme Court votes as expected in the landmark Janus v. AFSCME case, conservatives will have fulfilled one of their most cherished goals — weakening the nation’s public employee unions.

Judging JanusNovember 14, 2017Bill Raden

Judging Janus: A Timeline of the Right’s War on Workers

Co-published by AlterNet
A Supreme Court case that could topple the power of California’s unions has been a perfect storm gathering for 40 years.

Culture & MediaNovember 13, 2017Deborah Klugman

The Dark, Funny & Thorny Stage of ‘Caught’

Christopher Chen’s play is partly inspired by the real-life controversy surrounding playwright/performer Mike Daisey’s 2011 solo piece, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

ImmigrationNovember 10, 2017Vivian Rothstein

Immigrant Detainees Speak of Abuses

Asylum seekers in America are often treated like criminals — mandatorily imprisoned in isolated immigration detention centers after turning themselves in to immigration officials at the border.

Culture & MediaNovember 8, 2017Steve Appleford

Persistence of Vision: The Autry Museum’s ‘La Raza’ Photo Exhibition

A photographic exhibit reveals long-unseen images of the Chicano community at a time of political upheaval and demands for civil rights.

SocietyNovember 7, 2017Charles Davis

Paroling the Mind: A College Program Opens New Doors for Former Convicts

Romarilyn Ralston’s life became a dramatic example of redemption after being convicted of murder when she was 24.