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PodcastDecember 14, 2017Rick Wartzman

Why One Private-Equity Pioneer Is So Fed Up With The Industry, He’s Ready To Quit

Leo Hindery has long been outspoken about super-rich fund managers who exploit a loophole that allows them to pay the capital-gains tax rate—about half the ordinary tax rate—on a huge chunk of their personal income.

Labor & EconomyDecember 13, 2017Jessica Goodheart

The Business of Change: Don’t Ask Robert Reich About Socially Responsible CEOs

In this interview, Robert Reich dismisses CEOs’ “symbolic actions,” such as signing highly publicized pledges and petitions.

Labor & EconomyDecember 13, 2017Megan Kamerick

The Business of Change: Can Business Schools Make Companies Ethical?

Questions about what business students are learning usually emerge after egregious examples of malfeasance, although today’s students are definitely more likely to at least hear discussions about corporate responsibility.

Labor & EconomyDecember 12, 2017Paul Tullis

The Business of Change: Consumer Movements Pour on the Pressure

Co-published by Fast Company
Consumer campaigns have existed for more than a century, but the Trump presidency has galvanized activists and accelerated their work.

Labor & EconomyDecember 12, 2017Jessica Goodheart

The Business of Change: Do Corporations Want to Save America?

Co-published by Fast Company
Grounded in a longer tradition of engagement on social and environmental issues, CEO activism has no doubt been invigorated by Donald Trump’s erratic and divisive leadership.

Labor & EconomyDecember 12, 2017Charles Davis

USC Neighbors Face Eviction as Landlords Make Way for ‘Rich Kids’

Christian and her neighbors who live on a gentrifying block near the University of Southern California have formed an association to fight their eviction, hoping there is power in numbers.

Labor & EconomyDecember 11, 2017Rev. Jim Conn

Organizing a Cure for Flatlining Wages

Unemployment is low, profits are high, but wages remain stubbornly flat. Could the decline of organized labor be to blame?

Culture & MediaDecember 7, 2017Steve Appleford

Tom Morello: Making America Rage Again

“We’re at a crucial historical juncture, where literally the fate of the planet hangs by a thread,” says rocker Tom Morello. “We are musicians, so our message is in the mosh pit.”

Labor & EconomyDecember 6, 2017Charles Davis

In Southern California, a Renewed Push for Rent Control to Combat Gentrification

Rent control would not fix L.A.’s affordable housing crisis, but it would help long-time renters in neighborhoods that are suddenly desirable in the eyes of investors.

Labor & EconomyDecember 5, 2017Bobbi Murray

State Senator Predicts “Sledgehammer Time” If GOP Tax Bill Passes

Holly Mitchell, a leading legislative advocate for children and low-income Californians, says the state may return to the days of budget cutting if the current Congressional Republican tax plan becomes law.

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