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domestic violence domestic violence

Child Law Penalizes Moms for Abusive Partners

Women, Gender and EqualityBy Angelika Albaladejo

Why was a mother charged with failure to protect her children when she had moved them away from her abusive partner and into a shelter?

California’s Impoverished Riviera

Rural Poverty in CaliforniaBy Sasha Abramsky

Clear Lake was once a resort destination. When its water quality deteriorated, tourism plunged.

charter school rules charter school rules

Governor Signs New Era of Charter School Rules Into Law

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden

The end to decades of intractable charter warfare came courtesy of an unstoppable grassroots movement.

detention centers detention centers

ICE Awaits Law Banning Private Detention Centers

ImmigrationBy Robin Urevich

A bill awaiting Gov. Newsom’s signature would bar new private prison contracts. Two industry giants are already reinventing themselves.

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