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Video: Los Angeles Rejects Spy Program

Criminal JusticeBy Marco Amador

What the Los Angeles Police Department advertised as a community engagement program turned out to be a policy of surveillance of local Muslims.

New Report Tallies the Hidden Costs of Charter Schools

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden

Also in this week’s column: Omarosa reveals Betsy DeVos’ nom de Trump. Austin Beutner hires Chris Christie’s Newark schools supe. Gary Hart’s “legislative jiu-jitsu.”

Lead Poisoning Widespread Among California Workers

EnvironmentBy Joe Rubin

The problem in California doesn’t appear to lie with finding out about lead-poisoned workers, but with what happens — or doesn’t happen — when some state officials get that information.

Home, Shared Home: Renters Watch as Their Buildings Become Apartels

Labor & EconomyBy Bobbi Murray

The displacement of renters by large-scale operators who turn apartment buildings into de facto hotels has hit urban areas like Greater Los Angeles hard.

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