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California Protects Low-Income Access to Farmers Markets

Labor & EconomyBy Kalena Thomhave

Food deserts and food swamps have limited poor people’s ability to obtain fresh produce. Allowing SNAP use at farmers markets ensures that the markets are accessible to low-income people and are not the sole domain of the rich and well-off suburbanites. 

Proposed Los Angeles Law Would Give Tenants Access to Attorneys

Politics & GovernmentBy Jessica Goodheart

The City Council is considering a ‘right to counsel’ program that could help curb evictions and homelessness.

Betsy DeVos Throws Education Department in Reverse

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden

DeVos takes an ax to student-loan forgiveness. A charter school folds in Los Angeles, while striking Banning teachers walk the line.

Trump’s Treasury Department Hands Banks a Windfall

Labor & EconomyBy David Sirota

Co-published by Splinter
The Treasury Department not only sided with banking lobbyists’ definition of “financial services,” but its new rule’s fine print echoed their interpretations of the 2017 federal tax law.

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