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Is Los Angeles’ Sweep of a Homeless Encampment the Wave of the Future?

Latest NewsBy Jack Ross

As COVID-19 restrictions expire, advocates for the unhoused worry that the Echo Park sweep will become a model for the city.

Selling the Vaccine Becomes Tougher in Certain Communities

CoronavirusBy Mark Kreidler

The Johnson & Johnson pause threatens to exacerbate vaccination hesitancy.

Oakland Stadium Project Foes See Gentrification Behind New Development

Latest NewsBy Larry Buhl

Critics say the Oakland A’s waterfront development would cost port jobs and increase pollution and traffic.

Racism Is ‘A Serious Public Health Threat,’ Says CDC Director

Pandemic NationBy Mark Kreidler

Dr. Rochelle Walensky’s comments underscore how ethnicity and economic inequity place heavy thumbs on the scale of health outcomes.

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