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DeBlasio Sets Vaccine Precedent in New York. Will California Follow?

Pandemic NationBy Mark Kreidler

The mayor’s preemptive strike against the omicron variant is a stealth boon for businesses.

California Senator Who Helped Kill Environmental Regulations Runs Oil and Gas Staffing Firm

Latest NewsBy Aaron Cantu

Will Democrats stop appointing legislators with fossil fuel investments to key committees in 2022?

L.A.’s Proof of Vaccine Mandate Deserves to Be Watched

Pandemic NationBy Mark Kreidler

Though imperfect, the city’s mandate shows promise for the likely holiday COVID surge.

L.A.’s Effort to Fight COVID Through Community Partnerships Shows Promise

Latest NewsBy Joe Rihn

A ‘Community Equity Fund’ empowered neighborhood groups to reach 1.9 million people, but organizations say more needs to be done.

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