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The Price Ain’t Right:
An Economic Inequality Quiz

Latest NewsBy Capital & Main

Surveys reveal that Americans have a very distorted sense of how unequal the country is. Try your luck at these questions about how our economy distributes wealth and income. No matter your score, you’ll be able to sign up for our newsletter so you can keep tabs on the United States of Inequality.

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Will ICE Pull an End Run Around a New California Law?

ImmigrationBy Robin Urevich

Five days after a bill ending private prisons in the state was signed into law, the Trump administration found a way to get around it.

Florida Democrats Fight to Turn State Blue in 2020

United States of InequalityBy Richard Luscombe

Progressives are going all-out to reverse the notion that Florida is unassailable Trump country.

Timeline Timeline

The United States of Inequality: A Timeline

United States of InequalityBy Abby Kingsley

Post-WWII reforms like the New Deal and the ensuing consolidation of the labor movement increased income equality in the U.S., but the playing field started to tilt in the 1970s due to the forces of globalization and pro-corporate government policies that hurt the working class.

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