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California Facing Teacher Shortage

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden and Eunice Park

A new report reveals that last year the state came up short about 8,000 of the 24,000 fully credentialed teachers it needed.

Community Protests Demand USC Reforms

EducationBy Lovell Estell III

Borrowing tactics from the Occupy and labor movements, a coalition of faculty and anti-gentrification activists has set up a tent city outside the University of Southern California. Their proclaimed target: USC’s culture of greed and opaqueness.

Temporary Protected Status Refugees Fight Expulsion

ImmigrationBy Nidia Bautista

Orlando Zepeda and Evelyn Hernandez are immigrant activists. Neither has a backup plan in case TPS isn’t renewed next year, other than “to keep fighting until we have permanent residency.”

Scared to Death: Immigrants in Need of Health Care Face Perilous Choices

ImmigrationBy Eric Pape

Co-published by Truthout
Undocumented immigrants fear that seeking medical care will get them kicked out of the country. One woman’s story shows the impact can prove deadly.

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