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There Will Be Blood: The Rise and Fall of Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes

Culture & MediaBy Alex Demyanenko

Alex Gibney has become the filmic Freud of frauds, a master at dissecting sparkly but flawed personalities.

Beyond Feinstein: A Twelve-Year-Old Climate Activist Finds Her Voice

SocietyBy Sasha Abramsky

Bay Area seventh grader helps to organize San Francisco student protests as part of Friday’s “Climate Strike.”

Corruption Exposed in College Admissions Indictments

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden

Wealthy parents caught gaming the system. Eli Broad spends on privatization. The price of each vote for L.A. school board race.

Safety Issues and Lax Oversight Plague Immigration Detention Centers in California

Latest NewsBy Robin Urevich

State investigations raise concerns about human rights abuses in federal detention facilities.

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