Rev. Jim Conn

Rev. Jim Conn

Rev. Jim Conn is the founding minister of the Church in Ocean Park and served on the Santa Monica City Council and as that city's mayor. He helped found Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Los Angeles, and was its second chair, and was a founder of Santa Monica's renter's rights campaign.


Fixing Proposition 13′s Damage

  Who ate the California Dream? Why is the state that once led the nation in education now at the bottom? Why is the state that pioneered infrastructure miracles at ...

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Eyes on a New Prize — Reparations

Why a major magazine put the issue of reparations for slavery on its June cover, I really don’t know. Maybe because Juneteenth – the festival marking the day in 1865 ...

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Pesticides: Trouble in Paradise

People vacation on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i to swim, snorkel and surf. And to unplug. We did. For three weeks. My wife and I also spent one Saturday night ...

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Finding Scandal in Print’s Back Pages

People who hate government get a lot of aid and comfort from America’s news media, which tend to give big business a party pass when it comes to incompetence and ...

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