Rev. Jim Conn

Rev. Jim Conn

Rev. Jim Conn is the founding minister of the Church in Ocean Park and served on the Santa Monica City Council and as that city's mayor. He helped found Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Los Angeles, and was its second chair, and was a founder of Santa Monica's renter's rights campaign.


Roadblocks to Organizing in a Revived Economy

Here’s the good news: Union membership increased by about 48,000 last year and another hundred thousand new workers received union representation even though they aren’t actual members. Now the bad ...

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Fact-Checking My Inbox

Over the holidays, my cousin sent me a chain email that has been floating around the web for a while. Called “Spiral America,” it  purports to show that our country ...

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Hope Is the Root of Activism

During the recent holidays my wife Susan and I managed to make it to a couple of public demonstrations for justice. In between the various gatherings with friends and religious ...

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The Limits of Charity

With the expensive mid-term elections followed by Thanksgiving and Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday, you’d think that people wouldn’t have much money left over for Giving Tuesday. But if ...

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