Reagan Aide: Obama Is a Conservative

President Barack Obama “has governed as a moderate conservative,” former Reagan administration domestic policy aide Bruce Bartlett writes in a new essay for the eclectic American Conservative magazine. Bartlett, an ...

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Chris Christie “Tired” of Minimum Wage Talk

Poor Chris Christie. The embattled Republican governor realizes there are millions of Americans struggling to get by, working for a minimum wage that hasn’t budged in far too long, and ...

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The Student Debt Drag on Housing

Soft entry-level housing demand has fanned fears that rising student loan burdens may be crimping home purchases. But new data suggests that student debt may lead young adults to defer ...

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Fred Ross Sr. Inducted Into State Hall of Fame

Considered one of the trailblazers of the modern American Labor Movement, Ross began his storied career organizing “Dust Bowl” refugees in California’s migratory worker camps in the 1930s. During World ...

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