Manuel Pastor & Dan Braun


The California Chasm

As it pushes historic levels, inequality has become a hot topic. Activists have organized around the rich-poor divide, with “The One Percent” and “The 99 Percent” becoming a part of ...

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wealth tax3

A Wealth Tax for California?

The Problem: California has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s main poverty measure, 16.8 percent of all Californians and 23.5 percent ...

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Students on the Road to Debt

Monique, a vivacious, dark-haired graduate student, still owes $60,000 on her undergraduate education. "And that's with being an R.A. [Resident Advisor] and getting housing free and working full-time and getting ...

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L.A. Refinery Workers: Enough Is Enough

Hanz Zalamea got used to leaving work grumpy and dazed, like a college student after an all-nighter. Before going on strike from the Carson portion of Tesoro Corp.'s Los Angeles ...

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Behind the Walmart Pay Raises

Walmart recently announced that it would spend more than $1 billion this year to raise workers' pay, improve the way their hours are scheduled and provide better training. The company ...

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