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Uber Drivers in Protest Strike

Silicon Valley types often wax lyrical about the way that the app-based “sharing economy” disrupts existing business models and create new forms of social relations. When tech magnates extol “disruption,” ...

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Minimum Wage on More Red State Ballots

In Washington, the minimum wage is yet another hugely divisive, gridlocked issue. President Obama and most congressional Democrats want to raise the hourly minimum from $7.25 to $10.10. Most Republicans ...

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Our Ebola Crisis

We have to get a grip. Ebola is not a crisis in the United States. One person has died and two people are infected with his body fluids. The real ...

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America’s Forced-Labor Workers

There are thousands of immigrants working in forced labor in the United States — lured into the country by false promises and then trapped or threatened by their employers so ...

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Bay Area Tech Workers Paid $1.21/Hr (In Rupees!)

Electronics for Imaging paid several employees from India as little as $1.21 an hour to help install computer systems at the company's Fremont headquarters, federal labor officials said Wednesday. "We ...

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How Seattle Got Its Minimum Wage Mojo

If anyone has the right to be upbeat about the prospects of the American labor movement, it should be David Rolf, the president of a Seattle-based long-term care local of ...

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