Alex Demyanenko


Prince’s Social Revolution

What a blessing and a curse it is to be talented – not just talented in a standard, my-new-song’s-so-catchy or listen-how-fast-I-can-play-the-guitar fashion, but completely, utterly, extraordinarily, ridiculously gifted. Contemporary music ...

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Chicago Teachers

Teachers Take on Privatization

April 1 was a historic day for public education in the U.S. Joined by diverse community groups and other workers, Chicago’s public school teachers took to the streets demanding more from city ...

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Deanna Dunagan and Seamus Mulcahy (Photo: Kevin Parry/Wallis Annenberg Center)

Stage Review: ‘The Revisionist’

  Deanna Dunagan and Seamus Mulcahy (Photo: Kevin Parry/Wallis Annenberg Center)Jesse Eisenberg has carved a film career playing irritating nebbish-antiheroes in a host of roles. He even earned an Oscar ...

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Playwright Marissa Chibas on ‘Shelter’

Immigration has never been more in the national spotlight, with Republican presidential candidates histrionically claiming most of those who cross the Mexican border are rapists and murderers, while calling for ...

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