Debra Varnado

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The Ugly History Of Christopher Columbus

There's a growing movement to replace the Columbus Day holiday with 'Indigenous Peoples Day.' The Young Turks take a look at the real history of Christopher Columbus and his legacy ...

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broad framed

Mr. Broad’s New Art Museum

There now is a flow of fresh cultural monuments in Los Angeles that runs from the High School of the Arts over to Disney Hall. This includes, of course, the ...

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Drought Lawns: The Ungreening of Los Angeles

In the 1947 science fiction novel Greener Than You Think, a scientist invents a powerful fertilizer intended to boost crop production and combat hunger. The salesman she hires, however, sees ...

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solar panels

Realizing the Promise of Solar for South Los Angeles

As major climate legislation that would dramatically increase our investment in renewable energy approaches the Governor’s desk, this is a critical time to be thinking about low-income communities, including South ...

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