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Lyft Lobbyist Goes With Brown to Mexico

Gov. Jerry Brown's visit to this sprawling metropolis has all the hallmarks of an official state visit. He'll sign agreements with foreign officials, encourage businesses to invest in California and ...

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S.F. Considers ‘Retail Workers Bill of Rights’

San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar will introduce legislation tomorrow to mandate more predictable work schedules for retail workers and require chain stores to offer additional work hours to part-time employees ...

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Families Are Poorer Than in 2003

The typical American household was significantly poorer in 2013 than it was 10 years earlier as a result of the Great Recession, a new study shows, an effect that is ...

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Report: Paid Leave Keeps Women at Jobs

A mysterious fact that economists are wrestling with is that the percentage of women in the United States who are working or want to work has been declining, after a ...

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Immigrant Death Toll Exploding

The sun-bleached bones of a human skeleton lay in disarray: the skull rolled on its crown, an S-curved spinal column about two feet away. Leg bones were in a haphazard ...

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CA’s Top-Two Primary Burden

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-Wall Street) wants to blame Washington gridlock on party primaries—and says that getting rid of them would “save America.” His op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times parroted ...

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