Amy B. Dean, Al Jazeera America

No Holiday from Anti-Labor Attacks

American communities depend on collective action. Fire and police departments are great examples: They can function successfully because all of us pay in — not only those whose houses have ...

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‘Carwasheros’ Continue Union Fight

Jose Rolando Cuestas, a 34-year-old Honduran immigrant, worked for 10 years washing cars. “From eight in the morning until seven at night, I was paid $35 a day,” he recalled, ...

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Los Angeles’ Uneven Recovery

Among those who know Los Angeles' economy best, there is one point of agreement: The city is slowly recovering from the 2007 collapse. It was seven years ago that a ...

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Labor Day 2014: Solidarity Forever!

For many, the legacy of Labor Day has been forgotten. We forget about the struggle that so many fought and even died for to achieve decent working conditions. We take ...

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Labor Day 2014: Annual Parade & Picnic

35th Annual Labor Day Parade: Join the L.A. labor movement as we celebrate Labor Day weekend! Monday, September 1 Parade begins 10 a.m., Broad Ave. and E Street Rally and ...

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Plastic Bag Ban Bill Revives, Passes Assembly

With a prominent grocery workers’ union back in support, the California Assembly voted on Thursday to impose a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. Just days after the measure could ...

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