Steven Mikulan

Steven Mikulan

Capital & Main editor Steven Mikulan is a Los Angeles writer.

vergara verdict

Aftermath: What the Vergara Decision Means

Reagan Duncan has taught a combined kindergarten-first grade class in Vista for 10 years. When she heard about Tuesday’s ruling in the Vergara v. California trial, she feared the worst. ...

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Vergara Case: Round 1 to Plaintiffs

A Los Angeles judge ruled today that California’s public school teacher job protections are unconstitutional. The ruling, issued as a tentative decision, was immediately stayed by the Superior Court Judge, ...

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House Conservatives Block Food to Needy City Kids

Under the deceptively bland headline, “House GOP Releases Ag Budget,” the center-right Politico website on Monday examined a proposed House Republican budget for agriculture and food safety programs. After noting ...

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Abbott & Costello’s Vintage Union Bashing

This week a DVD of The Abbott and Costello Show's 1953-54 season was released amid nostalgic fanfare. The old comedy team is mostly remembered today because of its immortal “Who’s ...

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Film Review: ‘Cesar Chavez’

There haven’t been, to put it mildly, many films about America’s labor movement. Take away Salt of the Earth (1954) and Norma Rae (1979) and what are you left with? ...

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