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Stagnant Wages: Rich Man, Poor Man, Poorer Man

(This post first appeared on the Drucker Exchange, a daily blog produced by the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University. It appears here with permission.) The man who proved Karl Marx wrong was, ...

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How to Tax California’s One Percent

By Lenny Goldberg, California Tax Reform Association, and Roy Ulrich, Goldman School of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley (This article first appeared in the California Progress Report.) Jerry Brown’s most recent budget ...

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Study: Cal/OSHA Inspections Save Lives

(The following news announcement was issued by the Harvard Business School.) Research published today in Science sheds light on a hot-button political issue: the role and effectiveness of government regulation. ...

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Getting the Poison Out of Our Furniture

(The following post appeared yesterday on California Progress Report; a slightly shorter version was first posted on the Consumer Federation of California's Web site.)   By Richard Holober Californians are ...

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JPMorgan Chase's Dimon: What, me worry?

Harold Meyerson on Jamie Dimon: Hubris Supreme

(Note: This post first appeared May 16 in the Washington Post.)    By Harold Meyerson “As a group,” the economist Robert Lekachman wrote in 1976, “economists are slightly more entertaining than ...

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Lights Fantastic: LED Bulbs Get Cooler

By Carl Franzen (Note: Last January Donald Cohen wrote here of the conservative political animus against new, green lighting technologies – namely, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). The following repost ...

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