James Elmendorf

James Elmendorf

James is a Deputy Director
 of LAANE, which he joined in 2003 as a senior policy analyst, focusing on new developments and specializing in the hospitality industry. He has led efforts on behalf of LAANE to adopt the Century Corridor Living Wage Ordinance, the Hotel Labor Peace policy and L.A. World Airport’s shuttle driver’s policy, among others, and has worked on numerous new development campaigns to ensure that community benefits are included. He became LAANE’s policy director in early 2007, and in this capacity has helped coordinate policy efforts for all LAANE projects. Prior to joining LAANE, James served as executive director of Coalition L.A., community organizer with UNITE HERE and editor of Random Lengths News in San Pedro. James lives in Mount Washington with his wife Kristin and his son Toby.


Of Football and the Limits of Labor Law

We’ve written on more than one occasion here about the travesty that is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and its treatment of big-time college athletes. So obviously we take ...

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L.A. Times’ Double Talk on Raising Wages

Last week the L.A. Times ran an editorial about the city’s proposed hotel worker minimum wage policy. Given past history—the Times has opposed every local living wage proposal over the ...

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David Koff

Remembering David Koff

I started working at UNITE HERE Local 11 back in 1997. I’ve stayed a part of the labor movement for nearly two decades in no small part because of David ...

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Port of Seattle image/Don Wilson

SeaTac Minimum Wage Law Faces Catch-22 Hurdles

The holiday interlude brought a mixed blessing from Seattle —that’s the positive spin, frankly—in the form of King County Superior Court Judge Andrea Darvas’ ruling in the SeaTac minimum wage ...

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The L.A. Times Sells Safety

A few years ago, the Los Angeles Times began a practice of selling ads on the front pages of its sections. It was a slow build, with a preliminary announcement ...

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