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White Lives Matter Rally Fizzles

Latest NewsBy Brian Feinzimer

A small band of white power militants and Trump supporters rallied in Huntington Beach Sunday – and were met by far more counter protesters.

Stadium Workers and Fans Return to a Different Ballgame As Pandemic Continues

CoronavirusBy Sasha Abramsky

Thirteen months after the coronavirus ground everything to a halt, California’s ballparks are navigating their way through reopenings.

Amazon Election: Why Union Votes Are So Tough for Labor to Win

Labor & EconomyBy Kelly Candaele

The crushing defeat of an organizing drive at Amazon points to the formidable legal barriers facing America’s labor movement.

New COVID Variants May Complicate School Reopenings

EducationBy Mark Kreidler

Kids are more susceptible to new coronavirus strains, leading some experts to rethink their stance on reopening classrooms.

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