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Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Suspected at Oil Sites Across California

The SlickBy Aaron Cantu

PFAS chemicals persist indefinitely in the environment and are linked to severe illnesses.

As Children’s COVID Cases Rise, L.A. County Will Wait Nearly Two Weeks to Consider Employee Vaccine Mandate

CoronavirusBy Mark Kreidler

Health experts feared this would happen when mask restrictions were lifted. Now, children’s COVID rates have increased fivefold.

Patient Stories: The High Cost of Kaiser Permanente’s Mental Health Care

Latest NewsBy Kristy Hutchings

For Kaiser member Victor Gomez, getting help meant going out of network.

How Unions and Their Allies Are Trying to Hold Amazon Accountable

Labor & EconomyBy Bobbi Murray

Pressure and potential legislation in California could change Amazon’s approach to workforce protection and burnout across the U.S.

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