owens river

Cursed With Water: Owens Valley’s Toxic Surprise

To the west of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in California’s vast, dry San Joaquin Valley, a catastrophe is unfolding. Drought-stricken growers, deprived of surface water for irrigation, are pumping ancient aquifers at ...

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Gray Water: Swallowing the Yuck Factor

From a local point of view, there really is no California water shortage. What we have is a huge surplus of wanton water wastage. Every day Los Angeles city takes ...

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Repowering Los Angeles One Block at a Time

(This article first appeared in the Sierra Club journal Sierra and is republished with permission.) The late-June weekend heat wave comes on as predicted. By 10 a.m., it's 90°F in ...

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The L.A.Times Misses the Bigger Picture

You wouldn’t know it from the Los Angeles Times’ recent coverage, but the labor contract with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 18 currently under consideration by city officials ...

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