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A New Rosie the Riveter for a New America

Some 70 years ago, the song "Rosie the Riveter" crackled over the wireless while a Norman Rockwell illustration of Rosie flexing her bicep popped from the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. ...

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Rail Car Pact to Bring Jobs to L.A. County

In a dramatic turnaround to what only last month was described as a hopeless impasse, Los Angeles Mayor and L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Chair Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday ...

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Detroit Photo by Andrew Jameson

Coming Home to Detroit for Netroots Nation

  I wasn’t sure what to expect when arriving in Detroit, Michigan Wednesday. The city is heavy with symbolism in the American imagination – everything from Motor City and Motown ...

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In Praise of Unsung Women and Their Work

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, we honor many iconic women workers from past to present, from Rosie the Riveter to Dolores Huerta. But we often forget about ...

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A Manufacturing Pulse Beat in the Heartland

Minnesota is cold. When I visited the state in early February, surprisingly, the subzero temperatures weren’t the only reason for this impression. It was actually the sight of 122 acres ...

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