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Ten to Remember: How We Covered 2017

Perhaps no year in living memory presented greater challenges and opportunities to the press than 2017, and Capital & Main was no exception. In response to the Trump presidency, we expanded our coverage well beyond California, while continuing to investigate the fault lines that undergird the nation’s most populous state. We also deepened our reporting on immigration, hate and white nationalism and climate change – issues that will define the Trump era. And we began a long-term commitment to examining business and social responsibility.

Here are 10 series and stories from 2017 that offer a window into how Capital & Main made sense of an extraordinary year in the history of our nation and state.

  1. Investigating Labor Secretary Nominee Andrew Puzder’s Fast Food Empire
  2. The Golden State of Hate: California and White Nationalism in the Age of Trump
  3. Charge Time: Electric Car Workers Accuse Tesla of Low Pay and Intimidation
  4. Fire and ICE: Inside California’s Fight Against the Trump Immigration Crackdown
  5. The Bottom Line, a podcast on business and society.
  6. Promise Breakers: How Regulators Failed to Stop a Sacramento Lead Hazard
  7. Can Unions — and the American Middle Class — Survive the Supreme Court’s Janus Decision?
  8. Can California Ban Fracking?
  9. Trouble in Eden: A Divided Marin County Community Gets a New Charter School
  10. Deadly Detention: Why Are Immigrants Dying in ICE Custody?