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Minnesota Had Some of the Nation’s Worst Racial Disparities. Then Came the Pandemic

United States of InequalityBy Cody Nelson

The disparate impacts of COVID could ensure this battleground state stays blue in 2020.

Voter Intimidation Could Get Very Ugly

2020 ElectionsBy Larry Buhl

Co-published by Newsweek
Increasingly belligerent armed militias have vowed to appear at polling stations. But election watchers are on the case.

Trump Had A Bridge to Sell Us – How Did That Go?

United States of InequalityBy Jared Brey

Four years after Trump promised major investment, Pennsylvania’s infrastructure remains among the worst in the nation.

Making Americans Uninsured Again

United States of InequalityBy Mark Kreidler

Trump’s legal assault on Obamacare could mobilize large numbers of Latino voters against him in Florida and Texas.

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