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Task Force Report: Curb Runaway Charter School Expansion

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden

Will California fix charter authorizations? Also: Who killed L.A.’s school-tax measure?

Referrals of Students to Police Are Still a Problem at L.A. Schools

EducationBy Robin Urevich

Restorative justice remains a new way of thinking for Los Angeles’ 1,300 public schools — even as administrators continue to call the cops on troublesome students.

Have West Sacramento Charters Become Self-Segregated Enclaves?

Grading Charter SchoolsBy Bill Raden

Borders, boundaries and barriers have been a way of life in the lower Sacramento Valley since the Gold Rush days. The newest form of green line here is charter schools.

Video: Behind the Lead Alarm That Closed a Kids’ Gym

EnvironmentBy Capital & Main

Reporter Joe Rubin explains how California’s public health department dropped the ball in a Bay Area contamination case.

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