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L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day Four

EducationBy Marco Amador

Laura Palacios and other teachers take a break from the rain to have lunch, then return to the picket line.

‘How Long Will the L.A. Teachers Strike Last?’ May Be the Wrong Question

EducationBy Danny Feingold

Co-published by the American Prospect
Important byproducts of the walkout include robust dialogues about charter schools and on how much we are willing to invest in public education.

L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day Three

EducationBy Marco Amador

The rain and the strike drag on for teacher Laura Palacios, who balances family duties with picket line vigils.

L.A. Teachers Strike Diary: Day Two

EducationBy Marco Amador

Los Angeles teacher Laura Palacios confronts the second day of a citywide strike with coffee, doughnuts and a sore throat.

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