Donald Cohen

Donald Cohen

Donald Cohen is the founder and executive director of In the Public Interest, a national resource and policy center focusing on privatization and responsible contracting.


Serving the Senate on Poverty Wages

Charles Gladden has held his current job for eight years. The 63 year old sweeps floors, cleans dishes and mops bathrooms. His take-home pay is about $360 a week and ...

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Charter School News Roundup

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has a digital education division called Amplify. A Bloomberg News article, “News Corp.’s $1 Billion Plan to Overhaul Education Is Riddled With Failures,” outlines the company’s efforts to cash ...

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Hoover Dam 2

A New Kind of Water Reclamation

Remunicipalization is big word for a simple concept: It’s the process of bringing a formerly privatized service or asset back under public control. For residents and taxpayers, remunicipalization is often ...

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Virtual Academies’ Problems Are Very Real

I was recently in California's capitol to speak about In the Public Interest’s extensive research into the largest provider of online K-12 education in California known as CAVA (California Virtual ...

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Fixing the Charter School System

As I’ve traveled the country talking about the Taxpayer Empowerment Agenda (In the Public Interest’s responsible-contracting reform proposal), I’ve heard a lot of stories about charter schools operating with taxpayer ...

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