Donald Cohen

Donald Cohen

Donald Cohen is the founder and executive director of In the Public Interest, a national resource and policy center focusing on privatization and responsible contracting.

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A New Kind of Water Reclamation

Remunicipalization is big word for a simple concept: It’s the process of bringing a formerly privatized service or asset back under public control. For residents and taxpayers, remunicipalization is often ...

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Virtual Academies’ Problems Are Very Real

I was recently in California's capitol to speak about In the Public Interest’s extensive research into the largest provider of online K-12 education in California known as CAVA (California Virtual ...

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Fixing the Charter School System

As I’ve traveled the country talking about the Taxpayer Empowerment Agenda (In the Public Interest’s responsible-contracting reform proposal), I’ve heard a lot of stories about charter schools operating with taxpayer ...

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The Troubled Waters of Privatization

From boiling the soon-to-be-mashed potatoes to rinsing the fruits and vegetables, clean water is an essential ingredient in every household that will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner. And yet, the absence ...

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