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Budget Reconciliation Could Provide Path to Citizenship for Millions of Immigrants

ImmigrationBy Angelika Albaladejo

The expedited process doesn’t require Republican support and may be the best chance for reform in decades.

Clean, Affordable California Water a Challenge for Low-Income Communities

Drought NationBy Dan Ross

The clock is ticking as the state’s most vulnerable water users face a tough reckoning.

Contamination a ‘Huge Challenge’ For Affordable Drinking Water in California

Drought NationBy Dan Ross

As the state grapples with ongoing drought and an array of drinking water pollutants, California’s most vulnerable residents have the biggest reason to worry.

Guess who’ll get hit hardest by California’s severe water shortage?

Drought NationBy Sasha Abramsky

Groundwater systems are key during California droughts, but certain communities are running dry — and there’s no real solution in sight.

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