Jon Zerolnick

Jon Zerolnick is LAANE’s research director.


Hollywood’s Incentive Games

In The Hunger Games, the rich and politically powerful rulers of the capital city Panem force young people from 12 districts to fight against each other. The Games serve the ...

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Port truck driver strike photo by Slobodan Dimitrov

Recent Court Rulings Aid Port Truck Drivers

Truck drivers in California’s ports have been fighting for decades for rights most workers take for granted: The right to a minimum wage, the right to proper employee classification, and ...

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The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still a Jackass

Pity the poor, beleaguered Malibu homeowner.  Median income over $135,000 is about two-and-a-half times the County average, and the average home’s value is so far past the County average that ...

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Study: Wall Street Banks Overcharge L.A.

You know the old joke. It gets tailored for whatever the despised group of the moment is: Q: What do you call 10,000 [lawyers/politicians/whatever] at the bottom of the ocean? ...

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