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Pennsylvania Legislators Stall Emissions Regulation

The SlickAugust 12, 2022By Audrey Carleton

The state risks health and highway funding if it doesn’t pass regulations on oil and gas pollution.

Infrared Video Shows Widespread Oil and Gas Leaks in Los Angeles

The SlickAugust 12, 2022By Aaron Cantu

The South Coast air district is investigating dozens of complaints about toxic emissions seen in the ‘shocking’ footage.

In Los Angeles, Organized Labor Keeps Its Eye on the Ball

State of InequalityAugust 11, 2022By Mark Kreidler

If baseball is America’s pastime, unions are Hollywood’s. Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully symbolized both.

Lack of Reliable Internet Leaves Poor Students Behind

Cyber WallsAugust 10, 2022By Bobbi Murray

School districts are struggling to address the ‘homework gap’ faced by students without adequate web access.

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