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Rideshare Drivers: Back Behind a Wheel or the 8-Ball?

Reopening the Golden StateBy Sasha Abramsky

Lyft and Uber drivers’ early pandemic experiences have soured them on the companies’ ability to keep their workers safe.

Environmental Report Indicts California Watchdog Agencies

Latest NewsBy Dan Ross

A new study identifies the state’s worst regulatory agencies responsible for food safety and agriculture, air quality and toxic wastes.

Will the Democratic Party’s Climate Platform Address Injustice?

The Heat 2020By Judith Lewis Mernit

Progressives say you can’t fix one without solving the other.

Regions Left Behind by the Economic Recovery Now Face the Coronavirus Recession

United States of InequalityBy Jessica Goodheart

Many of these struggling metropolitan areas are in states that could determine the 2020 election.

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