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Excavating the Future

Welcome to “Excavating the Future,” Capital & Main’s series of conversations about what life could and should be like after the pandemic.


We take our title from a book called “City of Quartz” by native Angeleno historian Mike Davis. It’s the idea that, as overwhelming as our current crisis feels, humanity has been here before. And many times, out of crisis arises something better. Last year, in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in modern history, we asked writers, scholars, and activists to explain where we were at, where we’re headed — and to sift through the past to figure out what or what not to do to get to that better place.


“Excavating the Future” is hosted and written by Rubén Martínez and produced and directed by Marco Amador for Capital & Main in partnership with KCET that explores what life could and should be like after the pandemic through conversations with leading writers, artists, and activists.