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2017: The Year in Photos, Part 1

With the first tumultuous year of Donald Trump’s presidency winding down, Capital & Main looks back at the images and stories we presented over the last 12 months.




Gabriel Thompson reported on the plight of undocumented workers (“After the Inferno”) in the wake of Northern California’s autumn Wine Country fires. (Above photos: Michael Short.)

A man on the Mexican side of the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. looks through the bars, where the wall runs into the Pacific Ocean. The image was part of “Searching for Kikito,” photojournalist David Bacon’s examination of chic border art.

In “Exiles on Main Street,”  Sasha Abramsky wrote about the Abd El Qader family and others who had waited years for permission to emigrate to the U.S. as political refugees. (Photo: Khalid Eid)

Aaron “Lil Bill” Flournoy was the subject of a story by Lovell Estell III (“Kicked to the Curb”), who chronicled a veteran bicycle repairman’s efforts to remain in business in the shadow of USC-driven gentrification. (Photo: Lovell Estell III)

American Federation of Teachers’ leader Randi Weingarten drives home a point for interviewer Bill Raden in “Back to School.”

A Los Angeles child protests at a Defend DACA rally, one of many immigrant-rights demonstrations held in 2017. (Photo: Joanne Kim)

Reporter Jessica Goodheart’s “A Dream and a Microwave” profiled Everytable, a new dining chain that aims to put healthy, tasty, affordable meals within reach of people in low-income communities. Pictured: Everytable employees Jahwarn and Chris. (Photo: Jessica Goodheart)

David Bacon’s photograph captured one moment in a San Francisco demonstration against a planned far-right rally in that city.

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