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Joe Biden Joe Biden

‘Middle-Class Joe’ Biden May Be in Trouble With U.S. Workers

United States of InequalityBy Robin Urevich

The Democratic frontrunner’s mixed economic record leaves him vulnerable to progressive opponents.

Erie Erie

Erie at the Crossroads: A Swing County in a Swing State

United States of InequalityBy Jessica Goodheart

A struggling bellwether county in Pennsylvania appears to be back in the Democratic column. But is it?

Portraits of Erie, Pennsylvania

United States of InequalityBy Joanne Kim

All Photographs by Joanne Kim

Trump Boasts of Economic Growth as Inequality Deepens

United States of InequalityBy Angelika Albaladejo

Co-published by Fast Company

Many economists say the president can’t claim credit for the current economy and that his policies have contributed to rising inequality.

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