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Breaking News: Poll Shows Pension Ballot Measures Already in Trouble

Capital & Main

2 arrested in possible hate crime attack on Sikh man

Steven Mikulan

Seven Restless GOP Districts Revisited

Rev. Jim Conn
Rev. Jim Conn

Still Learning From Martin Luther King Jr.

Donald Cohen
Donald Cohen

Corporations Profit From Killing DACA

Bill Raden
Bill Raden

New Report Tallies the Hidden Costs of Charter Schools

Peter Dreier
Peter Dreier

How Heather Booth Changed the World

Vivian Rothstein
Vivian Rothstein

Immigrant Detainees Speak of Abuses

Danny Feingold
Danny Feingold

Breaking News: Supreme Court Rules Against Unions in ‘Janus’

Bobbi Murray
Bobbi Murray

Home, Shared Home: Renters Watch as Their Buildings Become Apartels

Judith Lewis Mernit
Judith Lewis Mernit

Can the EPA Roll Back California’s Clean Air Standards?

Jessica Goodheart

Proposed Los Angeles Law Would Give Tenants Access to Attorneys

Jon Zerolnick

Sandra Bland and Toeing the Thin Blue Line

Guest Feature

Stagnant Wages: Rich Man, Poor Man, Poorer Man

Deborah Klugman
Deborah Klugman

‘Skeleton Crew’ Is a Play With a Moral Spine

Gary Cohn

How Big Oil Spiked Jerry Brown's Climate Change Agenda

Seth Sandronsky
Seth Sandronsky

Policymakers Seek Healthier, More Prosperous California

Robin Urevich
Robin Urevich

The Rise and Fall of an Immigration Detention Empire

Madeline Janis

President Obama: The Solution to Unprecedented Inequality is Good Jobs and Opportunities for the Disadvantaged

Larry Buhl

Living Homeless in California: To Health and Back

Harold Meyerson
Harold Meyerson

The GOP’s War Against Voters

James Elmendorf

Of Football and the Limits of Labor Law

Sasha Abramsky
Sasha Abramsky

California Lawyers Strategize to Save Targeted Immigrants

Alex Demyanenko

The Power of the Poster

Dan Braun
Dan Braun

“Everyone’s Got to Win”: An Interview With Donald Cohen

Lovell Estell III
Lovell Estell III

Kicked to the Curb: How USC Drove a Bicycle Repairman Into the Street

David Bacon
David Bacon

The Zombie Guest Worker Bill

Charles Davis
Charles Davis

Stephen Miller’s Former Rabbi Speaks Out About Trump’s Adviser and Immigration

Rick Wartzman

Upending the Nation’s Financial Giants With Beneficial State Bank’s Kat Taylor

Trebor Healey

Remembering Stuart Timmons

Kelly Candaele
Kelly Candaele

Blue State/Red District: What Do the Suburbs Want?

Jim Lair Beard

Hyatt Worker: Why I Support the Global Hyatt Boycott

Marco Amador

Infographic: The Bay Area’s Vanishing Affordable Housing

Lalo Alcaraz
Lalo Alcaraz

Chris Rock on Economic Inequality

Leighton Woodhouse
Leighton Woodhouse

Is Trump’s Customs Agency Going Rogue?

Dean Kuipers

Living Homeless in California: Dignity Is a Hot Shower


Today: “The Persuaders” Looks at Corporate Lobbying

Joe Rihn

Offices Pledge They’ll Buy Chemical-Free Furniture

Gabriel Thompson
Gabriel Thompson

‘Janus’ and Its Supreme Court Enablers

Gary Phillips
Gary Phillips

The Dixon Family Chronicles: “Shut Christmas Down!”

Pandora Young
Pandora Young

Living Homeless in California: Pet Owners on the Streets

Allison Mannos

California Love: Low-Wage Worker Activism

Joe Rubin
Joe Rubin

Lead Poisoning Widespread Among California Workers

Matthew Fleischer

Classic Koch: How Prop. 32 Could Enrich Two Billionaires

Bill Raden and Gary Cohn

Bonanza! Silicon Valley Sees Gold in Corporate-Driven School Reforms

Ana Beatriz Cholo
Ana Beatriz Cholo

Organizing Principles: Erin Aubry Kaplan Explains Why “I Heart Obama” (Video)

Lou Siegel

Fear and Loathing at the Supreme Court

Jackie Cornejo

13 Years in the Making: Long Beach City Council Approves Landmark Project Labor Agreement

Rex Weiner
Rex Weiner

BlueLA E-Vehicles Hit the Streets

John Medearis

“Politics,” As Usual

Cynthia Strathmann

Labor Day News of the WEIRD

Erin Aubry Kaplan
Erin Aubry Kaplan

Setting the Record Straight on Trump’s Black Unemployment Boast

David Sirota
David Sirota

Trump’s Treasury Department Hands Banks a Windfall

Peter Dreier and Donald Cohen
Peter Dreier and Donald Cohen

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Opens His Wallet. Sort of.

Deborah Klugman

Actress Speaks Out Against Lunch Shaming in School Cafeterias

Adrian Martinez

The Next Four Years: A Time to Work on the Environment

Rachele Huennekens

Netroots Nation in Detroit: The Art of War and the War of Art

Julie Gutman Dickinson

Gig Economy Workers: Independent Contractors or Indentured Servants?

Aiha Nguyen

Pico Rivera Rally Supports Walmart Strikers

Jim Crogan

Defining Moment: Will California End Its Money Bail System?

Greg Good

Don’t Waste This Opportunity, Los Angeles

David Dayen

The ‘Amazon Tax’ Ruling: Disrupting the Disruptors?

Gustavo Arellano

Living Homeless in California: For the Hungry, “Food Happens.” Until It Doesn’t.

Maria Bustillos
Maria Bustillos

Pardon My Mess: Trump’s Arpaio Clemency Splits Arizona Republicans

Alissa Quart

Three Tactics That Changed Trump from Outlier to Insider

Steve Appleford

The Real Costs of Living in California

Kokayi Kwa Jitahidi

Supreme Court Weighs Unions’ Future

Rachel Torres

Railcar Investment & Jobs: A Teachable Moment

Jourdan Card

It’s Checkout Time for Bad Hotel Jobs

Paul Tullis

The Business of Change: Consumer Movements Pour on the Pressure

Roxana Tynan

The Cure for Poverty in Two Words

Joanne Kim

Scenes From Los Angeles’ Women’s March

Marc Haefele

Inglewood: Mystery Surrounds Two Black Lives Lost in Police Shooting

Steve Smith

Governor Brown Outlines Plan for Good Jobs

Sanjukta Paul

The Fix: Restoring the Rights of Misclassified Workers

Joel Warner
Joel Warner

Is Janet Napolitano Deepening Economic Inequality at University of California?

Jeremy Arnold

Dodger Dogged: A Fan’s Appeal

Matt Tinoco

Living Homeless in California: Can Washing Up Transform Lives?

Rita Lowenthal

I’m Not the Girl I Was at 80

Jeremy Mohler

A Privatized Medicaid Nightmare

Jason McGahan

Living Homeless in California: Public Bathrooms and Other Mirages

John Guevarra

California Plastic Bag Bill Stalled

Julianne Tveten
Julianne Tveten

No Walk in the Garden for the Urban Homeless

Thao N. Lam

DCFS Strike Gains: Protecting Children, Standing Up for Social Workers

Donnell Alexander
Donnell Alexander

Restless Valley: Can Devin Nunes Hold His Seat in November?

Kevin Norton

Let Us Organize: Thoughts on Labor Day

Debra A. Varnado

Uncovered California: What’s Holding Back Nurse Practitioners?

Kelly Iwamoto

The Iron Worker and The Stranger

Ed Gutierrez

SeaTac Workers Await Ruling on New $15 Minimum Wage Law

Eric Pape
Eric Pape

Priced Out: Middle Class 2.0

Christine Petit

Living Wage Law Could Go to Long Beach Voters

Sabrina Bornstein

Junk Math: The Waste Industry’s Numbers Don’t Add Up

Frank Alvarez

A Taste of Soul With a Side of Construction Careers

David Mermelstein

Stage Reviews: Three Provocative Broadway Dramas

Eric Markowitz

After the Vote: Californians Choose to Speed Up, Not Abolish, Death Penalty

Satish Kunisi

Harris v. Quinn: Bad But Not Fatal

Abby Arnold

Santa Monica: Car Wash Businesses Must Come Clean

Caroline O'Connor

DeMaurice Smith Tackles Union Busting

Bob Remstein

Long Strange Trip: Danny Goldberg’s 1967

Skylar Sweetman

Dr. Jessica Bodoh-Creed: Adjunct for Now, Academic Forever

Robert Gottlieb

Race, Class and an L.A. Bike Movement at the Crossroads

Kabira Stokes

Green Economy, Green Paydays

Tina Dupuy
Tina Dupuy

Payday Lenders: 'We're Not Bottom Feeders!'


Irvine man charged with hate crimes for allegedly having ‘kill lists’

Julian Vasquez Heilig

Failing the Test: Nine Solution Takeaways

Maria Loya

The Economy Improves — Will the Minimum Wage?

Tony Zinnanti
Tony Zinnanti

Three Days on the Res: Facing the Dakota Pipeline

Patricia Castellanos

We Don’t Need to Make Mountains of Waste Anymore

Ashley Baker

Counting on the Kindness of Strangers

Aura Bogado

Los Angeles May Target Border Wall Profiteering With Contractor Disclosure Requirement

Flor Barajas-Tena

1992 Remembered: The School of Life

Mr. Fish

Signs of the TImes

Maria Elena Durazo

Family Leave Is the Law, Not a Luxury

Ed Leibowitz
Ed Leibowitz

Union Staffers: Time’s Up, L.A. Times

Lauren Ahkiam

How Leftovers Will Let Us Breathe Easier and Create Jobs

Ashley Thomas

Working Families Need a Better May Revise

Joann Lo

The Hands That Feed Us

Edward Boyer

“Detroit” Tells the Story it Set Out To Tell – And That’s Enough

Daleth Caspeta

Stop the Presses: An Activist Takes a Stand

Jr. Rev. William D. Smart

Walmart: Any Job Is Not Always a Good Job

Matt Unrath

A Hard Math for Working Families

Cassidy Noblett

Gotta Dance, Gotta Have Rights

Kalena Thomhave
Kalena Thomhave

California Protects Low-Income Access to Farmers Markets

Lawrence Ziese

We’ve Met: 24 Hours at Occupy LA

Dick Price

“Occupy” Occupies California’s Democratic Party

Nora Mathison

Out of Stock: Recycling Options for LA Businesses

Jora Trang

Indoor Heat Bill Will Save Lives

Emily Sender

Solar-Powered Festival Heats Up Boyle Heights

Bill Raden and Danny Feingold

In DeVos Vote, Arizona’s McCain and Flake Weigh Party Loyalty Against Effective School Policy

Cynthia Villareal

Home-Care Workers to Sacramento: Let’s Get Healthy!

Cindy Ensworth

“G” for Green Effort

Sharon Terman and Anda Kuo

A Matter of Public Health: Medical Community Speaks Out for Parental Leave

Frank Tamborello

Learning about the Real Walmart from the Workers’ View

Francisco Arzu

Where Every Day Is Trash Day

Ted Soqui

Scenes From Tijuana’s ‘Little Haiti’ Refugee Center

John Koopman

Uber Angst: A Driver’s Nights Behind the Wheel

Kerry Candaele

Living Homeless in California: A Death in Venice

Kenneth Burt

Hispanic Heritage Month: Living Legacies

Scott Oshima

From Remembrance to Resistance: The 48th Manzanar Pilgrimage

Manuel Pastor & Danny Feingold

State of Resistance: California in the Age of Trump

Jenny Manrique
Jenny Manrique

A California Law Is Helping Immigrants Wipe Slates Clean

Cathy Cortez

Five-Star Scrooge: Hotel Bel-Air Keeps Union Out

Ayrn Taylor

Blunt Talk: What Marijuana Pharmacy Workers Want


Cal State University’s Budget Blues

Thor Benson

How L.A. Helped Its Homeless During the Wildfires

Jessica Goodheart and Trebor Healey

Three Green Haiku

Diane Lefer

Killer Jobs: Policing America's Dangerous Workplaces

Rick Schultz

Timothy Snyder on Putin, Junk News and the Trump Trap

Lori Amos

Don’t Discount This: Walmart Worker Issues Challenge to Her CEO

Gloria Ohland

Honoring the Champions of Better Transit

Zoe Lipman

Five Policy Prescriptions for Transportation Job Creation and Growth

Megan Kamerick
Megan Kamerick

The Business of Change: Can Business Schools Make Companies Ethical?

Kevin Stea

Why I'm Dancing for a Contract

David Sirota and Andrew Perez

Rick Scott Super PAC Donations Challenge Federal Anti-Corruption Rule

Melissa Chadburn
Melissa Chadburn

High Times: What Happens If Marijuana Is Legalized?

Jennifer Dworkin

Video: Safe Parking for Santa Barbara’s Homeless

Darryl Holter

Loyalty Down: Rick Wartzman Discusses How Business Leaders Betrayed the American Workforce

Erikka Yancy

Alternative Black History: Five Films

Bobbi Murray & Bill Raden

Failing the Test: School Solutions and Turnarounds

Francisco Cendejas

A Union Buster Strikes Out

Richard Flacks

Fjord Foundation: Norway’s Solid Safety Net

David Davis

Dave Zirin Interview: How Two Black Gloves Changed History

The Fix LA Coalition

Stop the Bank Robbery of Los Angeles

Amy DePaul

What the Final Moments of Homeless People Can Teach Us

David Pettit

Wake Up, L.A. Times, It’s a Blue-Green World

Leon Jenkins, Rev. K.W. Tulloss & Rev. William Smart

Stop California’s War on Children!

Piper McDaniel

High Times: The Hidden Poverty in Marijuana’s Black Market

Steven Leigh Morris

Arguing the World Stage

Brendan Whalen

L.A. Residents Voice Olympic Anxiety at Public Forum

Paulina Gonzalez & Lori Gay

Insurance Industry Happy to Receive, But Not to Give

Tony Bautista

Cornering the Market on Healthy Food

Ian Ruskin

Why Thomas Paine Matters

Greg Burk

Leonard Cohen’s Unhurried Exit

Natalie Foster

Crippling the Affordable Care Act Would Harm American Entrepreneurship

Tom Bongiovi

It Ain’t Easy Earning Green