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2019 in Quotes: 10 Things People Told Us

Capital & Main’s interviews with newsmakers echoed with warnings and hope.




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“Buttigieg, as I understand it, has received contributions from 39 billionaires, closing in on  Biden, who has received contributions from Sanders44 billionaires. And they will tell you, ‘Oh, it doesn’t impact me. It really doesn’t mean anything to me.’ That is clearly nonsensical.” — Senator Bernie Sanders (“On Billionaires, Buttigieg & Biden”)

“I think we just like the idea of powerful people. We like the idea of a king. We like the idea of these celebrities that get treated like kings. Why did the Bushes keep getting elected to office? Why did the Kennedys keep getting elected to office after several of them did pretty terrible things? We like the idea that some people’s blood is more special than ours.” — Film director Adam McKay (“Dick Cheney and the Imperial Presidency”)

“We need to go back to the time when people moved to California because of our public education system. Now they move out because of it.” –LAUSD Board Member Jackie Goldberg (“The Coming War to Save Public Education”)

“The only thing I think that would cause us to lose in this moment, where we should be poised for great victory, is if the American people can’t really tell the Democratic Party apart from the Republican Party, and that’s been the case in way too many elections. But we have a chance here to be uncompromising and to be clear. And it starts with addressing income inequality.” — NY Mayor Bill de Blasio (“No Apologies: Economic Inequality, 2020 and the Amazon Deal”)

“The U.S. is the most extreme case of a country that used to have perhaps theGabriel Zucman most progressive system in the world but now has this particularly regressive tax system.” — French economist Gabriel Zucman (“Tax Policies Fuel Wealth Inequality”)

labor commission“Being a union member is more of an important factor in terms of wages than having a college education.” – California Labor Secretary Julie Su (“The Future of Work”)

“The sobering statistic that we have to never forget is that about half of this nation’s income is earned by about three percent of our wage earners. And the other half is earned by 97 percent of our wage earners.” — Business leader Leo Hindery (“Trump’s ‘Economic Miracle’ Is a Mirage”)

“There’s the longer term question of the kind of technocratic center, center-left Democrat — even if they’re able to win, what’s the risk that they don’t deliver what people are demanding, and they pave the way for a fascist who is actually competent next time?” – Political journalist Ryan Grim (“The Center Cannot Hold”)

“While we wouldn’t let someone dressed as a Nazi into our teenager’s room, there’s a whole 24/7 Charlottesville on the Internet, available to these kids. And their parents don’t even have a clue.” — Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism director Brian Levin (“Why Californians Love to Hate”)

“Wealth taxes and taxing the rich would address the destabilizing inequality that we are currently facing. If we do not address this crisis, we are heading for civil unrest.” Patriotic Millionaire activist Morris Pearl  (“Soak the Rich, But How?”)

Photo Credits: Joanne Kim (Bernie Sanders), Bill Raden (Jackie Goldberg), Antoine Doyen/Getty Images (Gabriel Zucman), Katie Falkenberg/LA Times/Getty Images (Julie Su), Wikipedia (Ryan Grim).

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