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This Week In Immigration Under Trump 6/3/2018

US immigration agents double number of workplace raids.

ICE announced that it has doubled the number of workplace raids.

ICE says it conducted 3,410 workplace raids in the past 6 months, up from 1,716 raids the same time a year ago.

The raids have created a crisis for families for families due to lost income.

“All of a sudden, everything is gone and you don’t know what’s going to happen.” – Yahel Salazar, whose husband was arrested by ICE after a slaughterhouse raid.

Agreement Between Refugee Agency and ICE Raises Concerns.

Potential sponsors of unaccompanied migrant children will now have their fingerprints and immigration status inspected by ICE.

The requirement comes from an April 13th agreement signed between ICE and the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The agencies claim that the information is used to provide for the safety of the children.

But critics note that it could have a chilling effect on potential sponsors, leading many children remaining in detention.

Death in detention

A transgender migrant is the fifth death in ICE’s custody in 2018.

She was admitted to a hospital on May 17th with symptoms of pneumonia, dehydration, and HIV-related complications.

She spent the last week of her life in ICU until her death on May 25.

182 people have died in ICE’s custody since 2003.