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Performance Anxiety: Will the Adult Film Industry Survive the Pandemic?

CoronavirusBy Alex Demyanenko

Even porn actors must work from home as one of the most intimate industries remains in lockdown.

Betsy DeVos Directs COVID-19 Relief Funds to Private and Charter Schools

EducationBy Larry Buhl

Critics charge DeVos is exploiting a national public-health crisis to promote her agenda of privatizing public education.

Detention Dispatches: Medically vulnerable detainees fear for their lives

CoronavirusBy Marco Amador

Guest: Jose Martinez Gonzales, Detainee at Otay Mesa Detention Center

Nurses Still Waiting for Masks After 100 COVID RN Deaths

Pandemic NationBy Mark Kreidler

A survey of 23,000 nurses found that 87 percent of respondents must still reuse disposable masks while attending to COVID-19 patients.

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