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This Week in Immigration Under Trump 5/26/18

Education Secretary Betsy Devos said this week that schools can call ICE on students.

Betsy DeVos says schools can call ICE on undocumented students.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos said this week that schools can call ICE on students.

Various groups pointed out that a 1982 Supreme Court decision guarantees education for all kids.

Immigration attorneys warn that Devos’ comments could have a chilling impact on attendance by immigrant students.

The ACLU joined the chorus of protests, saying in a statement: “Let’s be clear: Any school that reports a child to ICE would violate the Constitution.”

US says it’s not ‘legally responsible’ for 1,500 immigrant children lost.

The US lost track of 1,500 unaccompanied immigrant children.

The federal government routinely puts children in homes of sponsors.

But admits it has lost track of 1,500 of them, claiming that it is not “legally responsible.”

The revelation comes after last month’s announcement from feds that they will separate undocumented children from parents.


Trump’s Pick to Run Refugee Program is from known anti-immigrant hate group.

President Trump on Thursday nominated a fellow at an anti-immigrant group, known as the Center for Immigration Studies, to run federal refugee program.

Ronald Mortensen would serve as assistant secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.

Mortensen has written often against undocumented immigrants, referring to the “myth of the noble, law-abiding illegal alien.”

He has accused undocumented immigrants of “destroying the lives of American men, women, and children.”

Mortensen is awaiting approval by the Senate.


Border Patrol slightly changes account of undocumented woman’s fatal shooting.

US Customs and Border Protection changed its account on Friday about an agent’s fatal shooting of an undocumented immigrant.

Claudia Patricia Gómez Gonzáles was was shot in the head by a Customs Border Police (CBP) agent in Rio Bravo, Texas, close to the border with Mexico.

The agency now reports that migrants “rushed” the officer. Initially it said that the migrants attacked him with “blunt objects.”

It also referred to the victim as a “member of the group.” Initially it had called him an “assailant.”


ICE detainee from Honduras passes away in New Mexico hospital

A transgender Honduran woman in ICE’s custody died on Friday.

An autopsy is pending about the cause of her death.

She was admitted to a hospital on May 17 with symptoms of pneumonia, dehydration, and HIV-related complications.

She was transferred to the ICU the same day, where she stayed until her death.