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Roxana Tynan

Roxana Tynan joined the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) in 2001 and served as deputy director for six years until assuming the position of executive director in February 2012. She has spent her entire career advancing the cause of social and economic justice. Ms. Tynan was the guiding force behind LAANE’s groundbreaking Community Benefits Program, which has pioneered a new model for economic development in Los Angeles and across the country. She negotiated many of LAANE’s Community Benefits Agreements as well as the Los Angeles Superstore Ordinance, which has successfully limited Walmart’s expansion efforts in Los Angeles. Ms. Tynan has been instrumental in the expansion of LAANE’s work and impact over the past decade. She has also played a leading role in developing LAANE’s community organizing department, mentoring dozens of young organizers and creating one of the region’s most effective grassroots recruitment and advocacy programs. Prior to joining LAANE, Ms. Tynan served as economic development deputy to L.A. City Councilmember Jackie Goldberg, working to encourage responsible economic growth. During her tenure with Councilmember Goldberg she helped negotiate the country’s first Community Benefits Agreement, which ensured living wages for hundreds of workers on the Hollywood and Highland development. She also worked with the Yucca Corridor Coalition to fight slum conditions and successfully advocate for the city to build affordable housing and public parks. Ms. Tynan worked as an organizer for the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union in Las Vegas and Los Angeles for four years. A graduate of Yale, she is bilingual in English and Spanish. She lives with her husband and two children in Highland Park.

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