Greg Good

Greg Good is LAANE’s director of its Waste & Recycling Project.


Don’t Waste This Opportunity, Los Angeles

The political leadership of Los Angeles is changing hands in a month – bringing tremendous challenge and opportunity. One of the greatest opportunities, for our Mayor-elect and the biggest batch ...

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The Waste Industry’s Name Games

In modern politics, it’s generally forgivable when advocacy groups come up with disingenuous or silly names for themselves (my favorites may be the “super PACs” - like Rick Santorum’s “Red, ...

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Talking Trash: Watchdog or Attack Dog?

(Editor's Note: Greg Good's post originally appeared April 2 on CityWatch, in response to that site's L.A. Watchdog column, which challenged L.A.'s new approach to trash collection at apartment buildings ...

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Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Watching Rick Perry Squirm

Despite my Texas upbringing, I, like many people, viewed Rick Perry’s galloping onto the national scene with equal parts horror (he is scary) and “Here we go again.”  This guy ...

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