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Union Halloween Tricks and Treats

(Labor 411, the group dedicated to promoting products and services that carry the union label, offers a couple of spooky recipes for Halloween treats that are reposted below.) According to ...

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Labor 411′s Union-Made Holiday Cookout

We couldn’t resist. The Fourth of July is the biggest and baddest of all barbecue bonanzas, and so we decided the Union Cookout needed a sequel for Labor Day. Labor ...

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Labor 411 Test Kitchen: Union Eggnog

Labor 411’s Test Kitchen is just in time for the holidays! We're sharing a recipe for Homemade Eggnog, which is THE traditional holiday beverage. We’ve got a recipe to make ...

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Buy Union-Made Gifts This Holiday Season

Here’s an arresting little statistic: Americans could create 200,000 jobs if we spent $64 out of the $700 that we will average for gifts this holiday season on American-made products. ...

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