Rita Lowenthal

Rita Lowenthal is a longtime activist and author of One-Way Ticket: Our Son's Addiction to Heroin.

Käthe Kollwitz, "Self Portrait"

I’m Not the Girl I Was at 80

What a drag—I have recently been worried about the memory loss I have sort of grown used to over the last few years. I’m not afraid of Alzheimer’s—and I don’t ...

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Femme Trio

Reflective and Proactive in Our Senior Years

I’ve recently found myself fascinated (and a little obsessed) with the lives of three superstar women who aren’t afraid to expose their weaknesses to a world that is only familiar ...

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The author with a friend.

The New Centenarians

Oh, the 1960s! Back then I was one of those middle-class married women who never dreamed of  a career.  Then came Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique. And so in ...

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Seeking Peace Cover

Travelin’ Light

The media never let us forget what the elderly cost the nation in terms of money. Fortunately, two authors understand that for many people in today’s fragmented, age-phobic, age-segregated America, ...

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Been There. Done That. Now What?

Hi there! I am an 84-year-old social activist – a calling that began in Pittsburgh, where I was recruited in 1942 at the age of 15 (69 years ago -- ...

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