Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Ed Gutierrez

Ed is a researcher for Raise LA. He joined LAANE in 2012 as a senior researcher for the Hospitality team. He spent more than 10 years as a researcher for both private and public sector labor unions where he specialized in corporate research and contract bargaining support. Ed lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful family, and he dreams of one day becoming a world-renowned songwriter (though he would settle for just one top-10 hit).

For Many, MLK Day Is a “Black Holiday”

It took years of public protest and finally legislative action before Virginia in 2000 finally separated the state holiday commemorating Confederate generals and icons Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson ...

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Living Wages: Good for Business, Good for L.A.

Through the years, the centerpiece of living wage campaigns has generally been a focus on fairness and economic justice for workers. And rightly so. Successful living wage campaigns have resulted ...

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