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Future Shock: A Letter from 2060

(Editor's Note:  This is an encore posting from our State of Inequality series.)   March 1, 2060 Dear Granddaughter, Just the other day, you asked me two questions that I ...

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Gray Water: Swallowing the Yuck Factor

From a local point of view, there really is no California water shortage. What we have is a huge surplus of wanton water wastage. Every day Los Angeles city takes ...

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State Referendum Freezes Plastic Bag Ban

Just when Californians were getting used to the idea of living without getting free, single-use grocery bags at the supermarket checkout, Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced last week that ...

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Helping Two Million People in Two Years

Strategize, organize, and unionize. Those are the watchwords guiding the new campaign to improve the lives of two million people over the next two years sponsored by an alliance between ...

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