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  • Politics & GovernmentMay 30, 2012

    Anti-Immigrant Legislation has Walmart Roots

    Here’s a fun fact you probably didn’t know: Arizona’s notorious SB 1070 law was born in a Walmart.

    Yes, the inspiration for the most draconian anti-immigrant legislation in the nation, a measure that permits law enforcement to ask about immigration status, one that swings the door wide open for racial profiling—SB 1070—reportedly sprang from a moment of inspiration at a Walmart checkstand.

    This origins story is brought to you courtesy of the Ministry of Citizenship, a faux MinuteMan-style group that purports to be a fan of the legislation.  According to the Ministry, it happened this way:  state representative Russell Pearce, the measure’s sponsor, “hatched the idea for SB 1070 late one night while waiting in the checkout line at Walmart.”

    “Here I was just trying to buy some Cheetos and cat litter, and the crowds were just horrendous,” the Ministry quotes Pearce as saying.

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