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  • Culture & MediaMay 23, 2012

    Birther Smackdown: Obama and Shakespeare

    It’s hard to know where to begin. A co-worker walked onto the restaurant floor after her break. She was shaking her head. She’d been on the computer downstairs.

    “It’s official,” she said. “Obama was born in Kenya. He wasn’t born in America.”

    I took a deep breath. The kind normally reserved for hearing alien abduction stories. The kind of deep breath I have to take before telling my nephews that there is no monster living in their closet. The kind of deep breath I take before watching Fox News.

    What I find fascinating, appalling and comical about “Birther” conspiracy theories is that it doesn’t matter how many times Obama himself shows his birth certificate. They all derive from the notion that President Obama is not being honest with us. That he is lying.

    A recent post by the right-leaning might even explain the origin of the Obama birthplace rumors.

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