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Did ICE Sedate You or Someone You Know? Tell Us About It.

If you were detained, deported or employed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and know about its sedation practices, Capital & Main wants to hear from you.




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While reporting on ICE for the last two years, journalist Angelika Albaladejo has heard from several people who say ICE gave them medications that made them lose consciousness while they were being detained or deported. One woman says a psychiatrist diagnosed her with depression and nurses injected her with powerful sedatives, even though she had no history of mental illness. Another man claims he was given a drink that knocked him out after he refused to comply with orders.

Capital & Main — a Los Angeles-based nonprofit news outlet — wants to learn more about when, why and how ICE gives tranquilizing drugs to people in its custody. We’re especially interested in stories from detention facilities in California.

If you or someone you know was drugged by ICE, we want to hear from you. It’s important to hear these stories so that we can investigate what is happening and help raise awareness and accountability.

We’d also like to hear from those who work with ICE, especially as psychiatrists, nurses and behavioral health providers. What is your training like and what concerns do you face on the job?

The questionnaire below is open to anyone, including people currently or formerly detained by ICE, their families, friends and lawyers, as well as advocates, organizers and ICE staff or contractors.

We take your privacy seriously. We won’t publish any information you share without your permission. If you’d rather talk on WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram, which are more secure, you can call or text reporter Angelika Albaladejo at (954) 471-1533 or email

To start the survey, enter your name below.

To start the survey, enter your name below.

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