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10 Inequality Takeaways

Waiting For GavinBy Steven Mikulan

Advice for California’s new governor collected from interviews with three authorities on poverty and income inequality, and from stories in our Waiting for Gavin series.

The Early Education of Gavin Newsom

Waiting For GavinBy Bill Raden

Gavin Newsom’s most dramatic break from the Jerry Brown era is the governor-elect’s fierce commitment to high-quality child care and universal preschool.

The Golden State’s Fight Against Economic Inequality

Waiting For GavinBy Steven Mikulan

How can the new administration best help California’s neediest residents?

Will California’s New Governor Drop the Hammer on the Fossil-Fuel Industry?

Waiting For GavinBy Judith Lewis Mernit

Co-published by Newsweek
So far, Gavin Newsom has only affirmed his support for a ban on hydrofracturing, although activists are hopeful he will be more aggressive on environmental issues than Jerry Brown.

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