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West Virginia Teachers Flex Muscle Again

Learning CurvesBy Bill Raden and Eunice Park

Meanwhile, Oakland teachers break out the picket signs and LAUSD discovers the joys of transparency.

Labor Party: A New Play Examines Birth Tourism

Culture & MediaBy Deborah Klugman

Playwright Boni B. Alvarez dramatizes the experience of six Filipinas temporarily inhabiting a one-bedroom flat near Los Angeles’ well-to-do Hancock Park neighborhood.

No Apologies: Bill de Blasio on Economic Inequality, 2020 and the Amazon Deal

Labor & EconomyBy David Sirota

“We must nominate a solid progressive,” says New York’s mayor about the Democrats’ next presidential candidate. “That’s the only way we can change the country. It’s also the only way we can win.”

Why the Spending Bill Will Hurt Immigrant Detainees

ImmigrationBy Robin Urevich

Co-published by the American Prospect
Angry immigrant rights activists say the generous ICE funding flies in the face of many Democrats’ stated desire to put the brakes on the Trump administration’s deportation surge.

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