Ed Asner: “It’s in Our Hands”

With the rejection of Mitt Romney’s economic vision, wherein the invisible hand of the free market guides us to prosperity (at least those not in the lazy 47 percent), progressives are now on the spot to offer up a compelling alternative.

Using animation and the vocal talents of Ed Asner, the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) jumps into the ring with the short video “It’s in Our Hands.” This is no ten-point plan, but instead a conceptual piece whose primary assertion is that we start to take the idea of democracy much more seriously when it comes to the economic order of things.

What if we could shape the U.S. economy to reflect the values and interests of most Americans? LAANE, which has had some success in doing just that, maintains that we can — and must.


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  • Karl

    What a ‘church’ this site is! Loved the video the loft rhythm of it the familiar voice echoing the feature of not so dissimilar a ‘argument.’ Conceptual? The question asked is rhetorical- the answer is we all know it is- those who are not making themselves part of the solution are simply and truly the entire problem. The agenda is very simple- if those effected can’t be trusted to make the right decision then inform them better, don’t blame them or fear them or resist stepping up because you are one of them. Nothing is that complicated. Technology means that every one of us can say “EXPLAIN it to me like I’m a child” and if we do that only then will we humbly be adults. The child does not accept to a fault “trust me.”
    The child trusts only as much as it needs to and should. As adults we should aspire to as much- to ask why it takes hundreds of pounds of pollution if not thousands emitted from each of us to just spend a few minutes riding our clutch. It should not. Transit is at a threshold now- we can make it provide the last few decent jobs while failing to make it the norm robs all, or we can have an open mind to what silicon and modern not just yarn can spin deep in the city and even all the way to the farm. Today I received an email from essentially ‘intel’ as I volunteer now for a few decades to help adolescent scientists of tomorrow whenever I can and it asks for science fiction. It’s tempting, as it’s tempting to shrug and call myself a artist- I am neither into fantasy nor more then just called Art at times. Your animation conveys transit as standing by a sign but that is only what it’s been in the past, not the potential blast that will have it not just last but grow so fast. What sharing investments represents, and that’s what transit, or people power is all about, is science’s splendor expressed socially, like bees, like our very neurons working better and better for efficiency which enables widespread glee and lowers the fee and the tax on the environment so eventually even I will be able to righteously relax. It is us seizing the reigns and programming ourselves with more then clothes we wear but being able to all afford time on five figure in cost bicycles that never go flat nor heat rubber as they roll if they even need to roll or push on the road at all. It is being able to enjoy the equivalent of a minivans total power to move us from here to there as quickly as possible but alone and with the least harm which I find will do the charm. So I believe that it’s not just parts of our Venetian coast that can have us boast in Italian or with models and makeup film better spin. I believe for scientific reason especially that the fog will help us all fly on lightweight short anywhere going log like the taxi running on mysterious blades that has it rushing in 3d from balconies with only billboards as barricades. This is what we consume for gas and paying for the slain ass that insufficiently stain every haters of everything but cars lane. A fortune in money not just favored honey is presently lost in that cost- and it can be redirected not just to thousand dollar a day subterranean pay for token few to in tunnels and large groups in future. decades brew.

    Again this is all science, but not fiction, the only problem ‘maybe’ occasionally in my diction. Miraculous batteries matter. They have been in ivory towers now for a decade or so flying machines small enough to pollinate any flowers. And there useful for moving us through air not just for spreading fear as to who threw our windows once private might at night or not come or just look threw screen if not skinny enough yet to pass by even that unseen.

    What happens though is middle men get busy to stop evolution so drunk, so dizzy. There are no jobs in transit. In that the fiction got it wrong- there is only life and joy, and a planet spared being wasted like a cheap toy. Transit is passengers and glue of information’s virtue that makes witches brooms have autopilots available for even sprawl not just affordable in the midst of our cities that given druthers which they are far fewer of us would want to be even hovering around which solves other problems not just that of stall. As a society we are changing. Some of us will spend 24×7 in ocean air where presently only millionaire can afford old fashioned lair. The needs being met- food being sold, bathing even available for not so much more then it costs nor patronised needlessly at all costs. This can not be stopped. What has passed for democracy in the past is quaint. The future will bring forth it like so rarely imagined. I occupy science- and I do so for good. I may fail but I will never surrender in resisting it’s application only to fight, in instead trying to perfect it for noble applications like light and something to spend money on when better then anything on four wheels is understood to be trivial. One dude has for now many years screwed around having abandoned merely better shoes being his goal integral recovery of the pushing of the earth as it’s not flat, and he makes wheels, you can see video’s of them, airless, on incredible hills but without a motor while he aspires to rip off our pneumatic tires with a fancy pair of suction pliers but without calling out all car makers as just a bunch of sucky crass liars.

    Amazon shows us the way out of the jungle- the package finds us, it’s merely handed, person to person, thus. Without a fuss robots carry or buss from coop to us fresh peach and on them many more in elevators can sit there clocks affordable to just spin. This is all so within our reach. Science is for each of us to learn and in turn teach. Only in such fashion can cars be banned where mobility instead is sought as it ought to have been realized some time ago jeez. You ban cars by mandated mobility. Cars can’t get us there- it’s not about denial but enabling. A certain number of trips, a certain goal, and you let solutions fight it out, this is the scientific method. It is the opposite of urbanity so far. The pairing up of oxygen and hydrogen in essence creates a ladder, an ether if you will, all around the beach- for miles around in fact I now profess to most of us needing many more teach to reach. Up high into the sky- humidity is heavy, and with pumps can over buildings us rocket for the mass of it condensed is eject that can direct straight up the heaviest of us forlorn pup. This with cheap plentiful nonpolluting energy can innovation enabled by open mind flourish in synergy.

    Why is this not obvious? Ignorance. We are mocked for funding hope- but we should learn our mistakes. A flywheel stores energy in it’s out rim, and by that exponentially does it, as by it’s speed. Yet we hired managers who didn’t know this who granted millions for speed alone in fake stone underground for it’s tendency to explode and though as if to be used instead on the road.

    So tubs like washing machines got sold except at the price of gold. When instead wooden merrygorounds could fo stored far more without even any additional lead. Because of there width- measured in whatever, by diameter or radius the exponent is like a false god in so few of us daring down it’s avenues to plod.

    It wasn’t always like this. Simple math- the rice doubled day after day, was understood to be a so dangerous way to pay.

    And so it is with eject. A few of us plan on mars- and far into those staring stars, and know, that a molecule, one, of water, or even something lighter, can stop a steam powered train loaded with coal a mile long if the train is moving fast enough. So it’s an understatement to say that a battery can turn that sweet smell of ocean into a ladder around which like chimps we can whenever to wherever joyfully scatter. This is science- pardon my diction, but don’t dare attribute it to fantasy as I never write any fiction. What we want can matter. It can actually get us what we need. Seek. Or we will never even get fatter but just be ground up in chaos batter.

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