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Whither Occupy?




Photo: Tony Zinnanti

While the Frying Pan wholly endorses the goals and the ideals of the Occupy movement, there is considerable diversity of opinion here about how Occupy actually plays out on the streets, sidewalks and lawns across the country.  Indeed, there’s quite a bit of diversity of opinion among supporters everywhere.

We worry that now — as cops in Oakland, Portland, Salt Lake City, and now New York move in on occupiers — the focus will shift from income inequality to the right to occupy.  This is probably not a step forward for a movement which needs to think about its next steps as well as its end game.

Into this landscape comes a suggestion from Kalle Lasn, the founder of Adbusters and originator of the Occupy movement.  He proposes that “it might be time for the protesters to “declare ‘victory’ ” and scale back the camps before winter sets in.”  This would give the occupiers an opportunity “to brainstorm, network, build momentum” and prevent the other side from “owning the narrative.”

An interesting idea that has some fingers waggling in various directions.  Temperature check, people?

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