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Welcome to the Frying Pan—Now Get to Work!

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These days the appearance of another blog concerned with politics, the environment or the economy might warrant as much attention as the opening of a new Starbucks. The Frying Pan is about all of these and more, yet we promise to avoid the buzzkill jargon and arthritic posturing often found online in sites concerned with social issues.

The economy is about more than money: It is our not-so-humble hope that we will provide a lively and unpredictable forum for people concerned with the fate of Los Angeles and the troubled California and America beyond our city limits. And not just through debating issues, but also through discussion of the arts, pop culture and sports.

Many of us remember the scene in Citizen Kane where Orson Welles, in his role as the crusading newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane, writes a noble-sounding Declaration of Principles to his readers – principles that he will eventually forget. We, however, will keep our word to you: The Frying Pan will reflect a forward-looking movement’s evolving thoughts about how to create a better place to live, how to create jobs that we can be proud of and how to make us all active participants in the democratic moment.

This blog is not a site to settle scores, it is not a wailing wall for liberals or a bulletin board for people reciting tired slogans – it is not a place for the boring, period. On the other hand, we do not confront the world from a defensive crouch — our outlook is unapologetically progressive, reflecting a belief in finding common ground and seeking the greatest good for the largest number of people.

In the months ahead we look forward to hearing from you about our content, and we invite you to submit ideas. But enough talk – it’s time to get to work.

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