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Examining Health, Wealth and Race in California

In this weeklong podcast, Capital & Main columnist Mark Kreidler speaks to a range of experts on
how race and class 
shape health outcomes in the Golden State. 

Episode 1

Forty years into her career, RN Cathy Kennedy believes the poor and people of color will never get fair treatment until we make systemic change.

Episode 2

Venice Family Clinic’s Elizabeth Benson Forer explains how the dramatic growth of her essential facility reflects the breakdown of our health care system.

Episode 3

The California Immigrant Policy Center’s Sarah Dar makes the case for universal health care.

Episode 4

Michelle Burton of the Social Change Institute talks about structural racism and its effect on generations of vulnerable communities.


Episode 5

The L.A. County Supervisor shares her own experience inside the state’s fractured medical system and the huge stakes in creating a better one.