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Thanking Those Who Serve Us







Public servants play important roles in nearly everything we do, but very often they go unnoticed. From food inspectors who keep our food safe to the sanitation workers who keep our neighborhoods clean, we depend on public servants to perform an array of services that make our lives better.

Monday kicked off the first day of Public Service Recognition Week, and we are asking that everyone take a moment to reflect on the importance of these unsung heroes and say thank you.

One easy way you can do that is to download our “Thank You Public Servants” graphic and share it on social media.

You can already find it posted on our Facebook page, and throughout the remainder of the week, we will be using our page to share inspirational stories of public servants who dedicate their lives to improving our communities and our country.

Public servants are on the front lines guarding our health and safety, and providing essential services to the American people.  Please join us in saying thank you for their service.

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