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  • EnvironmentSeptember 18, 2012

    If Proposition 32 Passes: A Not-So-Green Golden State

    How different would California look with Proposition 32’s passage? To imagine, it’s not necessary to focus on a Golden State without the legacy of its unions, but rather to think of a California in which only the rich and powerful have a say in Sacramento and in the polling booth.

    “It will have a devastating effect,” says John Logan, director of Labor Studies at San Francisco State University, of Prop. 32’s impact. “California would be transformed as a state.”

    On environmental issues alone, Prop. 32 stands to roll back decades of progress in making California a global leader in green policy-making.

    “You don’t have to go very far back to find likely examples of how it would change California,” Logan says, adding that Prop. 32 would remove labor’s voice from nearly all political conversations.

    That voice is not always confined to lobbying efforts in the state legislature.

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