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Prop. 32: A Zombie Measure Returns from the Dead





As we all know, Prop. 32 is the third incarnation of earlier failed measures to silence working families.

Charles Munger Jr. and wealthy investors have poured millions into the deception – uh, proposition – but California working families are saying “Boo to 32,” with a little help from a few zombies.

The idea behind the video, now showing on computer screens everywhere,  is that the zombie measure keeps getting resurrected, and we need to bury it, once and for all, Nov. 6.

SEIU Local 521 issued a casting call within our rank and file, and Zombie-wannabes emerged everywhere. One member turned out to be a professional make-up artist and helped zombie-fy others for the shoot. (She’s the zombie in the red dress.

Brian O’Neill, Santa Clara County Property Appraiser, aka Mr. One Percent:

“I had a great time filming Boo on 32. I really wanted to get the message out about how deceptive Prop. 32 is to a wide audience. I’m really glad we all got together and filmed this video.”

Members drove over the Santa Cruz hills to participate in the four-hour shoot after work. They let their clothes be ripped up, their bodies smeared with paint, their teeth falsified. Let’s see Charles Munger match that!

Veronica Rodriguez, Employment Training Specialist from Santa Cruz (and one of the zombies):

“I became involved because I wanted to contribute to a campaign that is protecting members rights. This video is a great instrument to educate members of Proposition 32. If passed, it will overturn all the work previous civil rights leaders and union activists have fought so hard for.”

Millions have been poured into this campaign; we shot ours on a shoestring budget with a homemade cemetery set created by our Research Extraordinaire Team. Yes, it is mostly Styrofoam!  [Special thanks to Kelly Priest, the videographer, who gave us a special union discount; his enthusiasm for the project really showed].

Bottom line of the video: Zombies + Mr. One Percent versus Workers? No match.

Khanh Weinberg is Communications Director of SEIU 521. Her post first appeared on Labor’s Edge and is republished with permission.

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