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Georgia’s Other  Runoff Could Weaken the South’s Dirty Energy Monopoly

The Heat 2020By Judith Lewis Mernit

A utility commissioner backs both Trump and solar energy, but his maverick reputation may not win him reelection. Georgia is changing.

Warriors of the Sunrise vs. New York State

Latest NewsBy Frances Madeson

In one of the wealthiest areas in the country, the Shinnecock Nation fights to survive as Thanksgiving approaches.

Pandemic Nation Podcast: No Reinforcements

Pandemic NationBy Mark Kreidler

Mark Kreidler speaks to Jenny Wong-Swanson, a Kaiser Permanente nurse in Woodland Hills, about the pandemic’s explosion.

The Shell Game That Is Gov. Brian Kemp’s New Health Care Plan

Pandemic NationBy Mark Kreidler

A new program would divert 500,000 Georgians out of the ACA exchange and nudge them into private insurance company offerings.

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